Social Media Policy

We, KOBELCO Group, shall ensure appropriate communication in our use of the official social media accounts and our employees’ participation in social media, pursuant to our Social Media Policy as detailed below.

Operation Policy

The Group’s employees responsible for operating the Group’s official social media account(s) shall use social media by following the operation policy set forth below, in addition to basic manners

Guidelines applied to Employees

On top of this policy, KOBELCO Group has set forth guidelines for all employees on the use of social media. Not only personnel responsible for managing KOBELCO Group’s official accounts but also employees who use social media are required to understand these guidelines and to use social media with common sense and discretion.

Announcement and Request to Social Media Users

Information posted on social media from the Group’s official account(s) or by employees of any Group company, does not necessarily represent the Group’s official announcement/view.

Official announcements and views are posted on the Group’s official website, or issue in press release or other forms.

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